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Welcome to All Pet Services - search or advertise for FREE! is the UK's largest free advertising pet services directory.

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Pet owners can search by category for pet services locally or nationally by searching any one of the 10 categories below; pet sitters and dog walking, pet health and nutrition, pet grooming, pet shop, pet boarding, Vets or Veterinary, pet training and behaviour, pet breeders, equine, and any other pet services. Please note that as stated in our terms and conditions does not accept responsibility for services you receive from advertisers on this website. search directory
pet sitters and dog walkers Pet sitters and dog walking

Pet Sitter, Pet Sitting Organisations, House Minding Services, Dog Walkers
pet boarding, dog kennel Pet Boarding

Find a Dog Kennel, Catteries, pet accommodation and more
vets Veterinary

Local and National Veterinary Services
pet and dog grooming Grooming for Pets

Dog Grooming, Grooming Parlours, and other pet grooming services
Dog training and pet behaviour Training and Behaviour

Dog Training Classes, Cat behaviour, Dog Behaviourists, Dog Trainers, Behaviour Courses
Pet health and nutrition Health and Nutrition

Holistic Pet Care, Pet Aromatherapy, Natural Pain Relief, Pet Magnotherapy
Pet Shops Pet Shops

Local or National Pet Shops and pet suppliers. List your local Pet Shop here.
equine and horses Equine

Riding Schools, Stabling for horses, equipment and more
pet and dog breeders Pet Breeders

Dog breeders, Cat breeders, Birds, Hamsters, Rabbits and more
other pet services Other pet services

Any pet services not in the other categories

Our aim at is to provide a single place where you can advertise or find any pet services throughout the UK. By providing free advertising we hope it makes it easier for people to provide and receive pet care; whether it is dog training, care for your pet at home, or searching for a local pet shop, we want to make the website that you will return to for information.

Currently we have 10 pet service categories at, below is some more information on the type of service to find or advertise pet services within each of these categories.

Pet sitters and dog walkers - Advertisements to find a local Pet Sitter or Pet Sitting Organisations, House Minding Services for pets, Dog Walking services. .
Pet boarding - Dog Kennel, Catteries, pet accommodation, and more.
Vets or veterinary - Local and National Veterinary Services.
Pet Grooming - Dog Groomers and Dog Grooming services, Grooming Parlours, and all other pet grooming services.
Pet training and behaviour - This includes Dog Training Classes, Dog Behaviourists, Dog Trainers, Behaviour Courses.
Pet health and nutrition - Services for Holistic Pet Care, Aromatherapy for Pets, Natural Pain Relief and Magnotherapy for Pets.
Pet shops - Local and National Pet Shops and pet suppliers. Whether you have a London Pet Shop or one in a small country village, advertise it here for free
Equine - Riding Schools, Stabling, equine equipment and more.
Pet breeders - Dog Breeders, Cat Breeders, Pet Bird, Pet Hamster, Pet Rabbit, Pet Mouse, Pet Snake, Pet Rats and more.
Other pet services - Any pet services not in the other categories. This can include Pet Cemetery and Pet Cremation Services, Pet Bereavement Services, Pet Travel, Pet Photography and Portraits, Pet Website Services and more. We will introduce new categories as demand grows.

If you feel that other pet service categories would be good to have then why not send us an email with your suggestion. Also if you have any other ideas on how we may improve this site please email